Marine growth refers to the growth of plants and animals in the marine environment, such as in the ocean or on coastal structures. This can include things like seaweed, barnacles, and mussels. These organisms can attach themselves to the surfaces of boats, ships, offshore oil and gas platforms, and other structures in the marine environment, which can cause problems like increased drag and reduced efficiency of the structures.

Marine growth can also be considered as a form of biofouling, is the accumulation of aquatic organisms on submerged surfaces over time.

This can have a negative impact on the efficiency of ships and boats and can also be a hazard to navigation. It also can have environmental effects by affecting the balance of the ecosystem, and transfer of invasive species.

To prevent marine growth, a variety of methods are used such as applying antifouling paint to the surfaces of boats and ships, using underwater cleaning systems, and installing cathodic protection systems.


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